Guest Blogging

Occasionally I get asked to post on various blogs. Here is a running list of what I’ve written for some of my favorite blogs so far.

Soapvox: “#RaisingBoys: Football, Gender Roles and Violence Against Women”

Good Men Project: “Dear Parents, Let’s Talk About Kids & Gender Roles”

Hashtag Feminism: “#GirlsCan Accomplish Their Goals Without Makeup”

Fabulous Mom Blog: “Girl Toys” V. “Boy Toys”

Hashtag Feminism: “It’s Time to #LoveYourSelfie!”

Hashtag Feminism: “This New Year #IResolveToGain Rather Than Lose”

About-Face: “Special K Misses The Mark…Again”

About-Face: “Google, We Have A Problem”

Good Men Project: “The Most Popular Guys on YouTube Are Cavemen”

Bonfire Impact: “Clinspiration: Why Hillary Clinton’s Potential Run For President Is Important To Girls”

Bonfire Impact: “Get Out Of The Heat And Go See The Heat”

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